Monday 11 July 2016

How Grund creates their design?

As part of the project (see the previous article) I had a presentation at a grammar school in Jilemnice in the Czech Republic, where I spoke with the owner of the company Grund. It´s a company which produces bath mats, they have altogether around 190 employees 40 of them are in Germany. It´s a family company and it´s built on traditional values. I liked how they make the design for their products. Their designers are e. g Blanka Matragi (a Czech designer, her clients are women from royal families from all over Europe, influential women from the USA etc.), Karim Rashid, Mel Weisweiler (design for Esprit, Hugo Boss, Swarowski, Willeroy & Boch, ...), Luigi Colani (cooperated e. g with ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, VW, BMW, BOEING and also with NASA), but they also have designers within their own company, who normaly don´t design. They just wanted to start cooperating. They then get a commission from the sold goods, which they designed. To be concrete we are talking about the Mandala Team, who make mandalas. We aren´t going to hire Blanka Matragi to design our website yet, but for the time being we already did put a small team together ;)


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